My C110 also had some work done to it, and I even rode it to work for a few days.
The original front brake arm had a lot of play in it because of worn rubbers, so I temporarily replaced it with some balljoints and a piece of 8mm threaded bar, this really improved breaking because there is no more distortion in the system.
Now I want to look at replacing the bushings on the original brake arm with bearings, then I will have the same effect, but with original looks.

And I openend up the rebuilt C110 motor again to fit it with a kickstart shaft I found on ebay, it is now ready to be fitted.
Note the breatherbox, the lid is homemade, with thanks to Ralph for lending me his original unit.

newest pics

The new "screw-ons" (imitation clip-ons) have been on my moped for a while, but I didn't take good pictures yet, so here they are.

Now only to decide what colour I want to have this bike painted, I'm thinking of Honda scarlet red, but suggestions are welcome.

ready for testruns

The RSC90 is ready for testruns now, the tank is borrowed from one of my dad's CB72 racers, but it is fully mounted. I had looked at using a std. tank that I borrowed from Ralph but it turned out to be easier to use this tank instead, because I allready removed the original brackets from my frame.
So Ralph is getting back his tank afterall.

I plan on riding at Oldenzaal the 8th of May, a nice long track with many twists and turns.
I will look into mounting the fairing before then, but I might just run with a small oval on the front for my numbers.


The weather was nice, all the bikes were at the workshop and I had a camera with me...just felt like a "kodak moment"

all my honda's lined up, and in the background you can spot the Beemer.

long time no blog

It isn't like nothing has happened, but I've been busy at work and didn't really feel like doing much at the computer.
The S90 had some more testsessions, swapping exhausts with different bikes.
Conclusion: the camshaft has a timing for an open megaphone.
So the cam was swapped for another, still a hotcam compared to a standard S90 cam, but not the wildest one.

After the cam was swapped, we did another test, it started easier, and responded pretty well to the throttle, with the intended exhaust with muffler.
Also much quieter, what means power to the rear wheel instead of making noise.