Honda's Cross-Runner Bike' Advert/ Yong Can Cook Commission's

At the end of Febuary,i did a commission to Honda's new motorbike "Cross Runner". 
A new breed of bike, perfect for those who commute through the city and country- 
side on a basis. Making your journey smoother, relaxed and more fun. 
Heres my poster and hope you see it about. 

Shall be updating this alot more, check out my website too i updated that too. 
Shall be showing some cheeky pictures of murals and behind the scenes of all the finished 
drawings i have posted on my website.

while For a market store called 'Yong Can Cook' based at Tooting Broadway, they are 
selling and serving traditional authentic thai food. I ate there so much, they commissioned 
draw them up a wee image for there backdrop  there promotional flyer to the public along with 

paint there store to make it look more authentic but with my own style. 

Even did a hand painted mural on the wall behind them. i still yet to take a 
picture of it when i visit again for some Spring-Rolls, Pad Thai Noodles and 
green tea. So if anyone is ever in the area and a fan of thai food, dont hesitate 
to try it out.

Hope everyone well and doing awesome air kicks.
Check out my updated website again.

Rubbertoes x