To get the 90 running, at least for a testride to see if the engine works, I need to do the electrics of the bike.
Not really much to do, but I want to do it right, so it will be easy to work on in the future, if I have to take out the engine, or remove the rev-counter.
As I will be running a battery-ignition system, I need an on/off switch. I was thinking of a toggle-switch, but I couldn't find one, but I did find an old SS50 ignitionswitch, so I decided to make a bracket for that, so it could be mounted somewhere in sight and accessible when sitting on the bike.
So the original S90 igniotionswitch-hole was not an option, I want to see if I have the ignition on when I am waiting on the startline for the flag to drop.
Once I pushed the CB72 for about 20 meters before I remembered the ignition.......

This is what I came up with for the RSC90:

The key will be secured with safety-wire so nobody steals it in the paddock, and also to prevent it from falling out, as this was a very old switch, the key can be taken out even when it is turned on...oops

The reason why I replaced it on my SS50.