CR110 replica forks

I recieved 2 sets of CR110 front-fork-spring-support-rings (anyone for scrabble?) that I bought on ebay. One set will be for the RSC90 but the other is for an actually abandonned project. A Honda CR110 replica.
It was the plan to build frames and really change mine and my dad's CB50 racers into CR110 replicas, but the 50cc class has become too fast with modern 2stroke tuning, so I am abandonning the class altogether and also the CR110 project.
All the parts I allready had will be used on other bikes probably, or maybe sold.
The front forks were allready made for this project, it only needed these rings, so when I got the chance, I bought them.
It supports the spring where it rests against the lower yoke.

I think this fork will go into my SS50 motorcycle, combined with a front fender like the one made for the RSC90 and the same type of 160mm front drum laced to a WM00(1.20) alloy rim.

Will need to make some clip-ons to mount the original CR110 levers onto....