Sketchbook Work: Sneaky Raccoons

Hey everyone, its been a wee while i know since i posted something on here, been taking a wee break to gather up my idea's and sort a few other things out the way. Xmas and all a few days away. Been neglecting my sketchbook for a while so the other day i started letting loose some pencil skills and started working on my next big painting. on the theme of alcoholism. Something i have picked up from working in bars, nightclubs and cocktail bars in the past year.

Heres a sketch from my journal of a few things I've been meaning to get out my system. 
Shall be posting more things on here and updating my art alot more now that I'll have a routine and exciting events happening for 2011. 

Merry Xmas Everyone and hope everyone have wrapped all there presents. I know i have =D

Speak soon