The last week I've been working on my brake and shift pedals for the RSC90. I have footpegs that are original CYB72 as also seen in RSC90 pictures, but I don't have the pedals that belong to it, and as they are very rare, I don't think I will ever find them.
So I decided to make my own, in the same way I made them for my CB50 and SS50.
I will be making them out of alloy, original would be chromed steel, but I don't want the hassle of chroming.
For now, this is how my brakepedal turned out:

I made it narrower where it mounts to the peg-brackets so it will be easier to put the bike on the paddockstand. The cable mount is different because original CB72 cables are hard to find and/or expensive.
And I want to make a grooved pattern in the pedal itself, but I don't know how I want it to look yet. After that, there will be some more smoothing and rounding off edges to make it look like a sandcast pedal.

This was made by welding some pieces of scrap aluminium plate together and then a lot of sanding and filing.
As you can see here, what is the beginning of my shiftpedal: