first modifications for the C110

I've done the first modifications on the C110, I don't plan on drastically changing the bike, just some different but if possible original parts.
I had a NOS C110 taillight that I bought for my SS50 motorcycle, but now I think this is a more fitting place to mount it.
I think it goes better with the round backside of the seat then the taillight that was on here.

Just need the correct screws to mount the glass, as honda used abnormal threads in the early days. This needs M3x0.6 while normal M3 has 0.5 pitch.
I didn't paint the taillight because I'm thinking of changing the color to red anyway.
For now this light is on so I can drill the holes in my licenceplate in the correct spot. It still has to be made, but the paperwork has allready arrived.
Date of admission to public roads is set at 1968, taken from the swiss paperwork, so I'm allowed to get an old blue licenceplate for the bike.
(modern bikes have to have ugly yellow plates in Holland)
This also means I had it approved as a small motorcycle, not a moped, so it's legal to bolt on some "go-faster" bits.