more new parts on the oldschool engine

New crankcase for the "old school engine"
well, not exactly new, it comes from a used C65 motor. I wanted these because of the mounts underneath the cilinder for a guard plate. At some point an oilcooler will be mounted on here.
After glassbead blasting:

Nice that there is no engine number, the old engine must have had the cases swapped at some point.
BUT.....these are 1960's cases, this means problems like I've encountered with the S90 motor, but didn't expect on this.
different locations for the guide pins, should both be be on the top tappets in this picture, but they are not, so I can use only one that corresponds with my cilinder.

A hole, my piston for the camchaintensioner will not block this and won't be able to build up pressure, will have to find/make a longer piston.

The piston I had in the other cases, with the long spring. And the short spring that was with the C65 cases, this tells me I need a longer piston.