I sometimes get mistaken for Rod Stewart!!

Been working on a few sketches and getting my work ready to print tomorrow hopefully if all goes to plan, going to be showing my work next month in Maidstone in a wee skate shop. This is one of the images i will be showing along with 8 other images. quite excited with the projects i got going on in the next 2 months. havent been this busy since i was at uni, how i miss it so much. but hopefully going to be doing a masters in 4 years time once ive sorted a few other goals in my life right now. currently working on a massive painting and a few illustrations for a competition too. so lots of sketching and getting my thinking head back on. woop woop
Miss illustrating a book.

Also, i got my toes tatoo'ed today saying - Rubbertoes

speak soon love

Rubbertoes x