Huracán Ramírez

My relative Huracán Ramírez was a pretty famous mexican wrestler who passed away 2006, so i thought id begin using him in my work to pay my respects. 

i love this film poster that is advertising a his film about his life and how he made it to the top. you can watch it on youtube and is black/white, classic.  

here are the single shots of the images and will have them in show at a shop next month. all will be told on this matter next week. currently getting the works together for it. 
He could fly like a bird. 

Currently working on a massive canvas using aspects of him in it. part from that its been cold in the studio to a point where ones debating on wearing gloves as i paint, its pretty bad and could do with heating potentially. I will be painting a mural next week using his mask and wrestling theme so look forward to pictures by this time next week everyone .
speak soon