You wipe your wet nose with your icicle sleeve.

i kneeled in poo, hands, jeans covered in paint, lost a paint brush, got into a ruckus, London Underground strike, and i wiped your wet nose with your icicle sleeve. 

I have been sooo busy sorting out my fast paced life again. Exhibited last month, went down really well and thanks everyone that came down and supported my work and bought my work. Been working since to earn some pennies and decide what im going to do next in my life. I quite my full time job and change from making cocktails to something in the creative industry even if its rubbish pay to begin with. traveled a wee bit with my girlfriend to places and enjoying the little places in kent. 

follow me on twitter if you havent already, i update my life story more often than on here. hopefully will be painting alot more now that i dont work as much and taking time out to spend with my brushes and paints.
off to spain in a few months to see my best mate and rubbertoe the streets with my characters and smiles.

i have updated my website, take a change and check out the new images and whats to come in the near future. 

furry paintbrush

Her bare bones.

rubbertoeing the walls. 
some pictures from my camera phone, see whats happening in my life.

Sketch towards mural image above.

At work i draw and do what i can to remember who i'am and what my dreams are.

Autumn is here and we are excited to wear our duffer coats out and mittens.

when i see your face,
there's not a thing i would change,
cause your amazing, 
just the way you are.

ill leave you to browse through the rest of my website and twitter.
im off to sort out a master plan its my girlfriends birthday tomorrow, so a goodnight sleep and a wee present for her in the morning when i see her. view her work, its brilliant and one to watch out for. we are collaborating on an ongoing project that will be posted on a weekly basis. Until than...

speak soon
Rubbertoes x