Jean Baudin: Solace (2008)

Jean Baudin is a solo bassist and member of American band Nuclear Rabbit. The basses he uses on Solace have eleven strings. Yes, eleven. Baudin uses a wide range of techniques, including tapping and slapping to play these basses, and frequently uses both hands (and all fingers) to tap both a bassline and melody at the same time.
Solace has a distinct musical direction, seeming to take influence from New Age artists, and songs showcase Baudin's talent, without sacrificing the quality of writing, or becoming self-indulgent. From the tranquil 'Frosty Acres', to the mezmerizing arpeggios of 'Transcend', from the funky slap of 'Krackatoa' to the beautiful melody of 'Vanishing', this album delivers work of great musical and technical prowess.
01 - Transcend 4:58
02 - Vanishing 3:48
03 - Frosty Acres 5:46
04 - Be Water, My Friend 3:40
05 - Never Odd Or Even 3:22
06 - Hundreds Upon Thousands 4:40
07 - Mare Nubium 6:16
08 - Krackatoa 7:20
09 - Willard Library 1:47
10 - So Far, Yet So Close 4:02
11- Albatross 3:53
12 - Puppy Love 1:13
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