Ebinho Cardoso: Cerrado (2010)

Ebinho Cardoso has been gaining popularity on the Brazilian music scene thanks to his innovative way of playing the bass. Composer, arranger and researcher, he uses the electric bass' atypical elements, showing the possibilities of the bass as an instrument for rhythm section, solo projects and especially harmony. These characteristics all join in his live performances that combine precision and refinement. He connects the particularities of jazz music, classical music and popular Brazilian music. After years of researching the possibilities of the bass as an harmonic instrument, he launched a book "Harmony and Dictionary of Chords for Electric Bass", the first book specifically on training, composition and use of chords, published in Brazil, reviewed by Ian Guest and Sydney Duarte and foreworded by Arthur Maia.
01. Maitri
02. Vendaval
03. Paraiso Abissal
04. Minha Re
05. As horas
06. Coisas do Amor
07. Teia de renda
08. Do coracao
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