Cliff DeMarks: On Target (2008)

Atlanta-based musician Cliff deMarks composes and produces music in a variety of styles and genres. He plays the piano, bass and drums, and is also an excellent reed man. Cliff plays lush Classic and Smooth Jazz, New Age Ambient, Electronic, Dance Music, and Neoclassical piano solos. He has produced over 45 CDs, with four more on the way. Cliff is always shepherding new music ideas from a concept in his head to a fully realized piece of music. His rich and inventive melodies and his bass and drum lines are a powerful armature for Cliff's well-crafted music projects.
01. Secret Passion
02. Lettin' It Flow
03. Get Down On It
04. On My Mind
05. Out Of A Dream
06. The Way It Happens
07. Colors In The Dark
08. Dream
09. On Target
10. Cascade
11. Jazz In The Present Tense
12. Fast Lane
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