Bobby Lyle: Hands On (2006)

Throughout his three decade career, pianist/keyboardist Bobby Lyle has developed an international reputation not only for his dazzling piano technique, but also for his versatility and ability to constantly reinvent himself, both as a leader, sideman and even as music director for superstars Al Jarreau and Anita Baker.
With "Hands On", Lyle adds another significant title to his already impressive discography.
"A contemporary celebration of love, life and rhythm" is how Bobby Lyle describes his Heads Up debut. "Within the twelve songs there are expressions of all of those things. I wanted the overall tone of the record to be funky and upbeat, but with romantic interludes".
"Hands On" - Lyle's 15 th album overall - is a unique blend of contemporary jazz classics and acoustic piano compositions that crosses the boundaries between straight-ahead and contemporary jazz. A brilliant showcase for this gifted songwriter/producer/arranger's unique talents, Hands On features an array of timeless tracks containing an entire world of emotion.
Rounding out the project are guitarists Todd Parsnow, John Calderon and Brennen Nase, bassists Martin Walters, Larry Kimpel, Keith Vivens and John Adams, saxophonists Wayne DeLano, Dave Caseras and Joe Vincelli, trumpeter Larry Spencer, trombonist Keith Adkins, drummer Keith Banks, percussionist Jorge Ginorio, and backing vocalists Dailyn Valdez, Melanie Covington and Derrick McCampbell.
01. Passion Drive (4:34)
02. Best Of My Love (3:44)
03. Hands On (4:24)
04. Lost In Our Love (4:19)
05. Fancy Pants (4:25)
06. Poinciana (4:38)
07. Minute By Minute (3:48)
08. True Spirit (4:27)
09. El Paquito (4:14)
10. Take A Step (4:06)
11. Return Of The Genie (4:00)
12. Beth (3:49)
Bobby Lyle - Piano, Keyboards, Programming
Todd Parsnow - Guitar
Larry Spencer - Trumpet
Martin Walters - Bass Guitar
Joe Vincelli - Alto Saxophone
Hands on
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