Becoming Society

Working so many hours to pay the bills day by day till you begin to forget what your goals are in life. where words "same shit, different day" becomes your response when college's ask hows you today. Im sure many of you out there can relate to this. 

More to this series, is yet to come.
Keep Watch!!  

Rubbertoes. x

She Never Ever Believes Me...

Born and raised 

Sorry everyone for the slow posting, been very busy working on new material and researching on my new topic ill be doing a fresh series of artworks. its going to be intense and my best works by far, starting painting few the images already. I will be posting some of the sketches of my new series in time. Need to start loading more works on here i do on a day to day basis.

Also the things us guys do for our girlfriends. We run across counties to aid them, our wallets only get thinner by the day, dropping everything just to see them happy. But when we do say something out the ordinary, they don't approve. This image is in response to this.

Rubbertoes x

we're back

I've had a slight computer problem, but I'm back online now.

In the meantime I've recieved some nice packages in the post.
12" sidecar wheel I just couldn't let it pass me by.
Seen here next to the 16"front wheel of my dad's sidecar racer

You don't have much opportunities to get these, and it might look great on my dad's Oudshoorn BMW.

Also bought some nice carbs on ebay for my own BMW, because I'd like to determine the position of the throttle slide instead of it being "automatic" like in the original carbs.
These are 36mm BING off an R75/5.
But I will have to alter my footrests first or my foot will get jammed between the shifter pedal and the lower part of the float bowl.
This will be a winter project.

Today I checked the oil levels of the driveshaft, gearbox and final drive, because I had some leaks. Might be a seal put in backwards by a previous owner, this will be checked in winter, for now the levels are correct again.
But when working on the back, the broken rear fender began to really bother me.
The mudflap covered the damage, but I wanted to get rid of the flap because it made my bike look like an old geesers machine.
So I took the grinder and reworked the rear end.

Looking a lot more sporty now. I want to do more to it, but for that I would need to take out the fender, not something I want to do when I need to take the bike home again, or rather, it had to take me home again.

Michael Formanek: The Rub & Spare Change (2010)

ECM debut for Michael Formanek, whose formidable bass has propelled groups from the Mingus Big Band to Tim Berne’s Bloodcount and has backed artists as diverse as Chet Baker and Elvis Costello. A bandleader and composer in his own right, he is heard here with some highly-talented colleagues in an outgoing programme of his own pieces, whose unorthodox constructions set up strong solos and fiery group interaction.
Tim Berne - alto saxophone

Craig Taborn - piano
Michael Formanek - double-bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums
1. Twenty Three Neo
2. The Rub And Spare Change
3. Inside The Box
4. Jack’s Last Call
5. Tonal Suite
6. Too Big To Fail
The Rub & Spare Change
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Steve Lukather: All's Well That Ends Well (2010)

Guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer and arranger, Steve Lukather release his new solo album "All's Well That Ends Well" on October 2010 only in Europe. For over 30 years Lukather has been known as one of the founding members of the multi-million selling band TOTO. He has played on hundreds of albums with the biggest stars and music legends including Van Halen, Whitney Houston, Alice Cooper, George Benson, Rod Stewart and even played guitar on Michael Jackson’s multi-million selling milestone album ‘Thriller’.Along with several Grammy Awards over the years, in April 2010 he received the international Eddy Christiani Award for 33 years of guitar mastership. Lukather showcases in this recording his innate feel for rock and guitar music, along with his songwriting talents. The new album is laden with extraordinary guitar playing performed across some of the best and most emotional songs of Steve’s career.
Fee Waybill of THE TUBES is featured on backing vocals and contributes to some of the co-songwriting with CJ Vanston and Lukather. Other friends come up contibuting background vocals, like Joseph Williams (TOTO), Bernard Fowler (ROLLING STONES), Phil Collen (DEF LEPPARD).
“I’m very excited because I have some great new music,” says Lukather. - “I am trying for a personal best and working very hard on all aspects of music. It’s a journey, that’s for sure.”
To coincide with the release of the album, Steve will embark on a European tour in November that will take in concerts in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and England.
The concerts will showcase classics from his all his solo albums, Toto, plus tracks from his new album.
1. Darkness In My World
2. On My Way Home
3. Can't Look Back
4. Don't Say It's Over
5. Flash In The Pan
6. Watching The World
7. You'll Remember
8. Brodie's
9. Tumescent
Steve Lukather - all guitars, lead & bg vocals
CJ Vanston - keyboards, atmospheres
Steve Weingart - keyboards and atmospheres
Carlitos Del Puerto - bass
Eric Valentine - drums
Lenny Castro - percussion
Joseph Williams, Phil Collen (3) (4), CJ Vanston (3) - background voacals
Trev Lukather - power guitar (4)
Tina Lukather - background vocals (1)
Fee Waybill - background vocals (5) (7)
Bernard Fowler - background vocals (1)
Jory Steinberg - background vocals (1) (2) (8)
All's Well That Ends Well
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Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Airto Moreira: The Boston Three Party (2007)

2007 Japan Release. Part of the Five Trios package, this outstanding recording features Chick Corea unites with very special friends, Eddie Gomez on Bass and Return To Forever bandmate Airto Moreira on Drums and Percussion. Great Trio and kicking music. A Beautiful homage to the genius of Bill Evans. This music was recorded live on April 28, 2006 at Boston's Berkelee Performance Center.
1. With a Song in My Heart
2. 500 Miles High
3. Waltz for Debby
4. Desafinado (Intro)
5. Desafinado
6. Sweet and Lovely
7. Sometime Ago (Intro)
8. Sometime Ago (Part 1)
9. Sometime Ago (Part 2)
Chick Corea – piano
Eddie Gomez – bass
Airto Moreira – drums
Boston Three Party-to Bill Evans
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Alain Caron: Sep7entrion (2010)

Becoming a professional musician at a very early age, Alain Caron is a considerably accomplished bass player. He attended the Berklee College of Music. One of his first excursions into jazz was playing with the Vic Vogel Big Band during the 1970s. In 1977 he co-founded the group UZEB. Their first album, Live in Bracknell, was released in 1981. The following year saw the group putting out Fast Emotion. The next album was 1984's You Be Easy. 1985 saw them release Between the Lines. Two more live albums, Live a l'Olympia and Absolutely Live came out in 1986. The group released Noisy Nights and Live in Europe in 1988. The following year saw the release of UZEB Club. World Tour '90 was released in 1990. In 1992, Caron formed his own group, le Band and released the first album by that group, Alain Caron — le Band. He also found time to record a bass duet album with Michel Donato and perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival with UZEB. 1993 saw Caron record with Leni Stern, tour with that band, as well as doing a tour of Quebec with le Band and performing with Donato — Caron. The next year saw the first major tour of his group as well as some other performances with other musicians. 1995 saw the release by le Band of Rhythm 'n Jazz and another European tour for the group. For the next couple of years he frantically performed with a number of different artists. The third le Band album, Play, was also released in 1997. Again, he took a couple more years performing with various artists, including le Band and, notably, Gino Vanelli. In 2000 he released the fourth album by le Band, Call Me Al!. ~ Gary Hill
Three years following the release of his album Conversations, an intimate DUOS album with his closest friends and collaborators, Alain Caron renews and returns to his roots with this exciting JAZZ FUSION album Sep7entrion. On this new release, Alain does not disappoint and takes on the genre head-on, giving you a fresh look at FUSION in 2010. The musical nuances of the past decades find there way into this new opus along with a style, virtuosity and vocabulary that is strictly CARON.
The album regroups nine titles that tacitly fuse traditional jazz, rock, funk, touches of African influences and south-American music. To achieve this, Alain Caron surrounded himself with renowned musicians from all over the world yielding a meld of styles that is remarkable and refreshing. Guitarists Pierre Ciґte (Canada), Jean-Marie Ecay (France) and the legendary guitarist Frank Gambale (Australia and U.S.). Pianists John Roney (Canada), Otmaro Ruiz (Venezuela-U.S.) and Tony Raymond (France). Violinist Christophe Raymond (France) and drummer Damien Schmitt (France-U.S.), a young prodigy that will astound you.
The album title Sep7entrion (Septentrion) was chosen to highlight Alain`s Nordic roots and punctuate the fact that this is his seventh studio album to date.
3.Double Action
4.Fair Play
5.Cross Check
6.Soleir Rouge
7.This Or That
8.De L'aube Au Crepuscule
9.Simple Pleasures
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[By-Request] Alain Perez: Apetecible (2010)

Born Alain Pérez Rodríguez in 1977 in Manaca Iznaga, a small town in the province of Santi Spiritus, he recalls as a young child being raised in a family that took extra care to acquaint him with the major customs and traditions of his land. “My musical life began at the hands of my parents,” he recalls, “singing at family parties and fiestas in the town. My father, Gradelio Pérez, discovered my musical instincts when he took me to one of the carnavales in the city of Trinidad, and I instantly started to dance!” Several years later, by the age of seven, he was playing on the guitar punto guajiro and guarachas, two traditional styles from the Cuban hinterland. Within a short while, he was accompanying poets and vocal improvisers at gatherings staged at sugar plantations. “It went on for five days without stop,” he recalls. “It was my first important and most heartfelt influence in music and in life.”
On En El Aire, Pérez returns to the style that captured his soul when he performed with Irakere. “I try to compose for my Muse, but when she doesn't come, I search for colors and images that will suggest a certain path,” he comments.
“Harmony is food for the melody, and as I am a rumbero, the end comes through the clave (the rhythm). Very humbly, I consider myself to be versatile, and life has given me proof that one has to be subservient to their instincts.”
His instincts are keen not only in his role as a composer and arranger but on the electric bass, an instrument infrequently heard as a primary solo voice on Latin jazz recordings. The album's title track is an eye-opener.
“Alain Pérez is a marvelous discovery. He is going to have a huge impact. He is great, superb.” Enrique Morennte.
“Cuban electric bassist and composer Alain Pérez, has generated a trans-Atlantic buzz, being hailed as a hot-waired update of the fabled Cuban band Irakere’s sound” Mark Holston, Jazziz (Nov 06).
01. Siglo XXI
02. Enseсalo a quererte
03. Rosa de la rosa roja
04. Apetecible
05. Pero no termino
06. Amor de bolero
07. Me duele pero te dejo
08. Juanito el malo
09. Siempre Marнa
10. Beso peligroso
11. Tengo una esperanza
12. No vuelvas a decirlo
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Danilo Perez: Across the Crystal Sea (2008)

Danilo Perez was born in Panama in 1966. He is considered one of the finest contemporary pianists and jazz composers of our era.
Danilo started his musical training at 3 years old with his father Danilo Sr, a professional bandleader and singer, gave Danilo Jr. his first set of bongos. By the time he was 10 years of age he was studying the European Classical Piano repertoire at the National Conservatory in Panama, eventually transferring to the Berklee College of Music to study Jazz composition and then serving as a professor at the New England Conservatory of Music. While growing up in Panama, Perez was notably influenced by the works of Gershwin, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and his mentor in spirit Thelonious Monk.
1. Across The Crystal Sea
2. Rays And Shadows
3. Lazy Afternoon
4. The Purple Condor
5. If I Forget You
6. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
7. The Saga Of Rita Joe
8. Another Autumn
Danilo Perez — piano
Claus Ogerman — conducted and arranged
Cassandra Wilson — vocals (on 3 & 6)
Christian McBride — bass
Lewis Nash — drums
Luis Quintero — percussion
Bruce Dukov — concert master
Across The Crystal Sea - Conducted and Arranged by Claus Ogerman
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Patti Austin: Live At The Bottom Line (1979)

Patti Austin came closest on this late-'70s live set to transferring onto vinyl the qualities that made her an outstanding vocalist outside of the studio. There's more spontaneity, emotion, and charisma in the vocals on this album than on almost all her other releases combined; perhaps the nightclub setting inspired her, or, more likely, Austin was free to sing without any agendas, marketing strategies, or producers' visions being factored into the process.
1. Jump for Joy 5:11
2. Let It Ride 4:08
3. One More Night 5:10
4. Wait a Little While 4:27
5. Rider in the Rain 6:09
6. You're the One That I Want 3:27
7. Love Me by Name 5:16
8. You Fooled Me 3:10
9. Spoken Introductions 7:09
10. Let's All Live and Give Together 6:41
Patti Austin — Vocals
Michael Brecker — Sax (Tenor)
David Spinozza — Guitar
Leon Pendarvis — Keyboards, Leader
Pat Rebillot — Keyboards
Will Lee — Bass
Errol Bennett — Percussion
Charles Collins — Drums
Babi Floyd — Vocals
Frank Floyd — Vocals
Ullanda McCullough — Vocals
William McCullough — Vocals
Creed Taylor — Producer
Live at the Bottom Line
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Jean Baudin: Solace (2008)

Jean Baudin is a solo bassist and member of American band Nuclear Rabbit. The basses he uses on Solace have eleven strings. Yes, eleven. Baudin uses a wide range of techniques, including tapping and slapping to play these basses, and frequently uses both hands (and all fingers) to tap both a bassline and melody at the same time.
Solace has a distinct musical direction, seeming to take influence from New Age artists, and songs showcase Baudin's talent, without sacrificing the quality of writing, or becoming self-indulgent. From the tranquil 'Frosty Acres', to the mezmerizing arpeggios of 'Transcend', from the funky slap of 'Krackatoa' to the beautiful melody of 'Vanishing', this album delivers work of great musical and technical prowess.
01 - Transcend 4:58
02 - Vanishing 3:48
03 - Frosty Acres 5:46
04 - Be Water, My Friend 3:40
05 - Never Odd Or Even 3:22
06 - Hundreds Upon Thousands 4:40
07 - Mare Nubium 6:16
08 - Krackatoa 7:20
09 - Willard Library 1:47
10 - So Far, Yet So Close 4:02
11- Albatross 3:53
12 - Puppy Love 1:13
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Passport: Ataraxia (1978)

With "Sky Blue", Klaus Doldinger tips his hat and his planetary axis to German electronic music, while making it his own as only he can do. The two-part "Ataraxia" alone is worth the cost of the disk, beginning with gently hypnotic synths and building to a crescendo of vivacious sax-led testimonies that never completely drown out the keyboard rhythms. This is music that can appeal to jazz, progressive, funk, world, and even remotely adventurous new age fans.
Keyboards do tend to dominate when the sax is not to the fore, and on the title cut, "Sky Blue", the synthesizer doodling reaches its apex without wearing thin. Roy Louis' guitar and Dieter Petereit's bass provide the backing that makes Passport one of the more listenable groups of their ilk. This is jazz for sure, but in a more loosely structured rather than free form sense. Listen to "Mandrake" for an even better example, with guitar leads not unlike some of Andy Latimer's workouts on "Rain Dances", but with a greater respect for the overall piece. It's not so much dance music, but music that dances. Another highlight is the chugging "Loco-motive", in which Doldinger's flute simulates the whistle of the train when actual audio samples are not being used, and his flutes elsewhere are sprightly and melodically integrated with the sax. Quintessential travelling music, it skips and careens along the rails with its own frothy character.
A refuge of level headed coolness as it was in 1978, "Ataraxia" remains as relevant today as then, and a passport to further enjoyment of this classy act.
01 - Ataraxia (Part One)
02 - Ataraxia (Part Two)
03 - Sky Blue
04 - Mandrake
05 - Reng Ding Dang Dong
06 - Loco-Motive
07 - The Secret
08 - Louisiana
09 - Alegria
Dieter Petereit - Bass
Klaus Doldinger - Composed By, Arranged By, Flute, Saxophone [Sopran], Saxophone [Tenor],Keyboards
Willy Ketzer - Drums
Roy Louis - Guitar
Hendrik Schaper - Keyboards
Elmer Louis - Percussion
Guillermo Marchena - Percussion, Vocals
Ataraxia (Mlps)
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Charles Lloyd Quartet: Mirror (2010)

Restraint can be more powerful than flexed muscles. This has long been the credo of saxophonist Charles Lloyd. At 72, he’s mellower than ever, yet his music manages to reach deeper. His jazz is meditative, spiritual, and in his new quartet he has found a group of like-minded individuals — pianist Jason Moran, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Eric Harland. “Mirror’’ is this group’s second album but its first studio effort. For the session, Lloyd gathered a diverse group of tunes — standards, hymns, originals, and even a pop song — and made them cohere. Sometimes, as with “I Fall in Love Too Easily,’’ Lloyd feels no obligation to state the melody overtly. But sometimes, as with the Thelonious Monk ballads “Monk’s Mood’’ and “Ruby, My Dear,’’ the melody is crucial to the performance. Even when the group gets slightly funky, during “The Water Is Wide,’’ Lloyd’s tone remains soft and rounded; Moran, however, lets loose with a seriously bluesy solo. The set’s most surprising number is a cover of the Beach Boys hit “Caroline, No.’’ Lloyd and Moran alternately carry the melody, and then improvise way off it, while Harland plays skittering polyrhythms and Rogers keeps it all anchored. What’s not surprising is that a Lloyd-led group can make the song sound like a jazz standard. (~Steve Greenlee, The Boston Globe, 13 September 2010)
01 - I Fall in Love Too Easily (Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne) 5:00
02 - Go Down Moses (Traditional) 5:59
03 - Desolation Sound (Charles Lloyd) 7:03
04 - La Llorona (Traditional) 5:35
05 - Caroline, No (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) 4:02
06 - Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk) 5:01
07 - Mirror (Charles Lloyd) 6:42
08 - Ruby, My Dear (Thelonious Monk) 5:25
09 - The Water Is Wide (Traditional) 7:19
10 - Lift Every Voice and Sing (James Weldon Johnson, J. Rosamond Johnson) 4:29
11 - Being and Becoming (Charles Lloyd) 7:02
12 - Tagi (Charles Lloyd) 9:17
[Total time: 72:54]
Charles Lloyd: tenor and alto saxophones, voice;
Jason Moran: piano;
Reuben Rogers: bass;
Eric Harland: drums.
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Peter Johannesson featuring Herbie Hancock: Sixtus (1995)

Peter Johannesson was born in 1962 and started to play the drums at age 12. Two years later, he met legendary jazz pianist Herbie Hancock after a concert in Stockholm. Herbie and his band took an immediate liking to Peter, and invited him to join them for the remainder of their Sweden tour. During the sound check before their concert at Geteborg's Concert Hall, Peter was invited to sit in on the drums, and that exhilarating experience sparked off his life-long urge to create high-energy, spontaneous music.
1. Bleke (Peter Johannesson)
2. Cyberman (Magnus Lindgren)
3. Sixtus (Peter Johannesson)
4. Jojo (Max Schultz)
5. Tranespotting (Max Schultz)
6. The Garden (Max Schultz)
7. Slowfox for Loners (Max Schultz)
8. Sixtus (live trio version) (Peter Johannesson)
Peter Johannesson - drums
Herbie Hancock - piano, keyboards
Magnus Lindgren - tenor saxophone
Markus Wikstrom - bass
Max Schultz - guitar
Nils Landgren - trombone (1, 2, 3)
Johan Horlen - alto saxophone (2)
Peter Asplund - flugelhorn (2, 3)
Magnus Broo - trumpet (1)
Anders Kjellberg - french horn (1)
Tommy Knutsson - french horn (1)
Hakan Nyqvist - french horn (1)
Bertil Strandberg - euphonium (1)
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Ilhan Ersahin featuring Erik Truffaz: Istanbul Sessions (2010)

Istanbul Sessions is a unit consisting of 4 versatile musicians -- Ilhan Ersahin, Alp Ersonmez, Turgut Bekoglu and Izzet Kizil. Ilhan was born and raised in Sweden, his motherland, and since a long time now has been living in NYC where he founded Nublu, the club and record label. Having a Turkish father and always having strong ties to Istanbul and Turkey as a whole, Istanbul Sessions was conceived as a very organic project. The concept of the band is a combination of Ilhan's NYC/Nublu sound mixed with the sounds and spirits of young Istanbul. It’s a band that mixes Turkish scales, clubby beats and jazz improvisations. Their live sets are usually an experience in sounds, moods, and almost trance like vibes, all played live, almost as if they are dj's keeping the audience alert with beats, colors and songs weaving in and out until their set ends 1, 2 or 3 hours later. Alp is the bassplayer of Turkey's popstar Tarkan. Turgut is the drummer of Turkey's one and only diva Sezen Aksu and Izzet is a sought after percussionist heard on hundreds of Turkish released records already performed with very international names such as Bebel Gilberto, Natasha Atlas etc.– all very active in the Istanbul music scene. Ilhan, saxophonist/keyboards/composer is the founder of Nublu in NYC and the newly started Nublu Records. Ilhan has composed for Norah Jones, Bebel Gilberto, U-Roy and his other bands include Wax Poetic, Love Trio, I led 3 lives and Nublu Orchestra. A great way to hear fresh and new sounds from Istanbul with a different angle then is usually expected, here it is: Istanbul Sessions.
01. Freedom
02. Bosphorus
03. Doors To Heaven
04. Thomas O'Malley
05. Sam I Am
06. Downtown Istanbul
07. Kefal
08. Les Ottomans
09. The Dark Tunnel Of Europe
10. Alley Cats
11. Our Theory
Istanbul Sessions
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Ray Riendeau: Atmospheres (2010)

My good friend and killer bassist Ray Riendeau (‘ree-end-oh’… you’re welcome) is about to release an album of original material that very well may be one of the most shredding albums I’ve heard in years.
Featuring guys like Alex Machacek, David “Fingers” Haynes, Lalle Larsson, Marco Sfogli, Ward Aycock, Martin Diamond, Rob Michael, Nat Janoff, Ron Jarzombek, Jeff Kollman & Derek Taylor… you may wonder how that many guys fit in one room? One reason I’m digging this album so much is exactly because Ray has proven without a doubt that one can record an album ‘virtually’ across state lines, country borders and oceans and still maintain a consistency and level of interaction that some never get even when in the same room.
While definitely not easy listening, it’s also a very musical affair with some beautiful bass solos and astounding guitar work by all involved.
I think I’m most impressed by Ray’s compositions here. He’s definitely matured light years beyond his previous releases (which I also dug!). While previously, there may have been pyrotechnics for their own sake, he is really speaking through his music on Atmospheres and every note played throughout is saying something. Nice job Ray!! -- Damian Erskine
1. Cosmic Dust (feat. Lalle Larsson, Marco Sfogli & Ward Aycock)
2. The Alchemist (feat. Alex Argento, Derek Taylor & Marco Sfogli)
3. Parasite (feat. Jeff Kollman & Marco Sfogli )
4. Alias (feat. Greg Koch)
5. Pavor Nocturnus (feat. Alex Machacek & Matt Guillory)
6. Slumber (feat. Nat Janoff)
7. Architeusthis Dux (feat. Nat Janoff)
8. Translucent (feat. Rob Michael)
9. Electro-jazz (feat. Nat Janoff)
10. A Search For Lifeforms (feat. Ron Jarzombek)
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The Marsalis Family: Music Redeems (2010)

One of the most famous of New Orleans' multigenerational jazz families, it is extraordinarily rare for the Marsalis clan to assemble all together in one place. However, approaching Father's Day of last year, the family gathered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to honor its patriarch and the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Ellis Marsalis. With sons Branford on saxophones, Wynton on trumpet, Delfeayo on trombone, Jason on drums, poet Ellis III reciting a piece written especially for his father for the occasion, and special guests Dr. Billy Taylor and family friend Harry Connick, Jr., Ellis inspired an evening of lively performances of repertoire with special meaning to the Marsalis Family, punctuated by family stories and anecdotes about growing up in New Orleans.
All proceeds from the project will go straight to programming support for the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, an education center and heart of the New Orleans Musicians' Village community, conceived in 2005 by Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. in partnership with New Orleans Habitat for Humanity following Hurricane Katrina.
01 - Introducing (the Marsalis Family)
02 - Donna Lee
03 - Wynton and Branford Speak
04 - Monkey Puzzle
05 - After
06 - Syndrome
07 - Sweet Georgia Brown
08 - Harry Speaks
09 - Teo
10 - The Man and the Ocean
11 - At the House in Da Pocket
12 - The 2nd Line
Music Redeems
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Cliff DeMarks: On Target (2008)

Atlanta-based musician Cliff deMarks composes and produces music in a variety of styles and genres. He plays the piano, bass and drums, and is also an excellent reed man. Cliff plays lush Classic and Smooth Jazz, New Age Ambient, Electronic, Dance Music, and Neoclassical piano solos. He has produced over 45 CDs, with four more on the way. Cliff is always shepherding new music ideas from a concept in his head to a fully realized piece of music. His rich and inventive melodies and his bass and drum lines are a powerful armature for Cliff's well-crafted music projects.
01. Secret Passion
02. Lettin' It Flow
03. Get Down On It
04. On My Mind
05. Out Of A Dream
06. The Way It Happens
07. Colors In The Dark
08. Dream
09. On Target
10. Cascade
11. Jazz In The Present Tense
12. Fast Lane
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You wipe your wet nose with your icicle sleeve.

i kneeled in poo, hands, jeans covered in paint, lost a paint brush, got into a ruckus, London Underground strike, and i wiped your wet nose with your icicle sleeve. 

I have been sooo busy sorting out my fast paced life again. Exhibited last month, went down really well and thanks everyone that came down and supported my work and bought my work. Been working since to earn some pennies and decide what im going to do next in my life. I quite my full time job and change from making cocktails to something in the creative industry even if its rubbish pay to begin with. traveled a wee bit with my girlfriend to places and enjoying the little places in kent. 

follow me on twitter if you havent already, i update my life story more often than on here. hopefully will be painting alot more now that i dont work as much and taking time out to spend with my brushes and paints.
off to spain in a few months to see my best mate and rubbertoe the streets with my characters and smiles.

i have updated my website, take a change and check out the new images and whats to come in the near future. 

furry paintbrush

Her bare bones.

rubbertoeing the walls. 
some pictures from my camera phone, see whats happening in my life.

Sketch towards mural image above.

At work i draw and do what i can to remember who i'am and what my dreams are.

Autumn is here and we are excited to wear our duffer coats out and mittens.

when i see your face,
there's not a thing i would change,
cause your amazing, 
just the way you are.

ill leave you to browse through the rest of my website and twitter.
im off to sort out a master plan its my girlfriends birthday tomorrow, so a goodnight sleep and a wee present for her in the morning when i see her. view her work, its brilliant and one to watch out for. we are collaborating on an ongoing project that will be posted on a weekly basis. Until than...

speak soon
Rubbertoes x