Tetsuo Sakurai: Vital World (2010)

Ex Casiopea bassist Tetsuo Sakurai formed this power trio in 2001, releasing the hot seller,self-titled record. After its great success they released Gentle Hearts LIVE CD and DVD. The DVD is certainly one of the hottest selling DVDS in this genre. In 2010, Tetsuo, Dennis Chambers and Greg Howe have returned with the fantastic sounding new studio album of originals. Its raging hard fusion at its best.
01. Critical Planet
02. Alien's Feast
03. A Tear Of The Clown
04. Are You Ready
05. Another Kingdom
06. Triangle Square
07. Monster Parade
08. Father
Tetsuo Sakurai - bass
Greg Howe - guitar
Dennis Chambers - drums
Taiki Imaizumi - keyboards
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