Terence Blanchard: Bounce (2003)

The timing could not be better for Terrence Blanchard's Blue Note debut release, Bounce. At age 41, Terence Blanchard joins fellow label mates and friends who, like him, have matured into modern standard-bearers, each with their own take on jazz tradition and their own particular interests. With Bounce, Blanchard convenes a diverse group of talented young musicians, all of whom help highlight the many facets of his musical vision.
The music on Bounce doesn't stay in one place, and it exemplifies Blanchard's style, which prompted People Magazine to comment: "Blanchard's virtues spring from his sense of restraint. The joy is in the tease!"
Blanchard has had successes in film music, orchestras and education, and of course as a jazz musician and bandleader. "Nothing can beat being a jazz musician, playing a club, playing a concert," he says. "When I stood next to Sonny Rollins at Carnegie Hall and listened to him play, that was it for me."
1 On the Verge Parks [8:43]
2 Passionate Courage Blanchard [6:32]
3 Fred Brown Blanchard [7:42]
4 Nocturna Lins, Llns, Martins [7:33]
5 Azania Blanchard [6:04]
6 Footprints Shorter [7:31]
7 Transform Harland [9:00]
8 Innocence Owens [7:23]
9 Bounce/Let's Go Off Blanchard, Harrison [7:06]
Personnel: Terence Blanchard- Trumpet; Brice Winston: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone; Lionel Loueke: Guitar & Vocals; Robert Glasper: Hammond -3 & Fender Rhodes; Aaron Parks: Piano; Brandon Owens: Bass; Eric Harland: Drums