Simon Goulding: Familia (2010)

The new studio album by UK Bassist Simon Goulding. A mixture of Jazz/Fusion/Latin-Jazz. Draws heavily on Cuban influences from Rumba to Songo and beyond. Featuring Adam Linsley - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Mat Sibley - Tenor Sax, Alan Wormald - Guitar, Nik Harrison - Guitar,  Andy Blakeley - Timbales on selected tracks.
Simon Goulding had performed/recorded with the Bee Gees, Englebert Humperdink, Joe Longthorne, Rick Astley, Peter Kay, Rene Froger, Ronan Keating, PP Arnold, Freddie Starr, Jovenes Clasicos Del Son, Tony Christie, David Essex, The London Community Gospel Choir, Sheila Ferguson, Peter Grant to name but a few. On his new album Familia, Simon plays, 5 & 6 string basses, EUB (electric upright bass), Keyboards, Drum & synth programming, Percussion, clave & Berimbau.
"The album is about drawing on my memories of Family past & present here and in Cuba and the experiences we've been through. with the 1st track 'Familia' (Family) setting the scene and the final track 'Mirando al futuro' (Looking to the future) saying where we would like to be in the future. I would say the album is HEAVILY influenced by Cuban music (Emiliano Salvador, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Los Van Van, Mezcla, Irakere) aswell as my love of Jazz/Rock (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Lee Ritenour's Friendship Group, YellowJackets, Lifetime). I wanted to portray all of these throughout the album".
1. Familia
2. Galeria
3. Bass Face
4. Calle Obispo
5. East Side Drop
6. A Love Like Ours
7. Looking Over
8. Lindsey
9. Parque Central
10. Hurricane Season
11. Beach House
12. Mirando Al Futuro
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