Peter Muller: The Flow (2008)

Following the successful release of M-Vibez, his acclaimed debut in 2003, Peter Muller has produced his second solo session, The Flow. Over the past two decades, Muller has become recognized as a leading bass figure throughout Europe. Compiled in his own Wave Island studio in Germany and distributed under his own label Mullenium Records, Muller is joined by Frank Mead (sax, flute), Tim Cansfield (guitar), Tobias Neumann (keyboards), Christian Kappe (trumpet), Ulle Rode (guitar), Kristof Hinz (drums), and Tim Weller (drums) on 10 remarkable tracks which blend funk, contemporary jazz, r&b, and soul sounds. Utilizing his classic 1979 Fender Jazz bass, Muller articulates the punchy slap grooves and solos that bass enthusiasts have come to expect from Muller. In addition to the virtuoso slap bass playing, Muller also contributes fretless bass melodies, percussion, synthesizers, samples, and guitar tones to this release. While some sophomore productions fail to meet the expectations set forth by their predecessor, Muller's latest project delivers from start to finish. Although the bass is featured in a prominent role in each of these selections, you don't have to be a bassist to enjoy the depth of these compositions. If you are an aficionado of funk music, heavy grooves, or lead bass playing, The Flow is definitely worth checking out.
"The Chase"
"Lounge Creatures"
"Space Train"
"For Funk's Sake!"
"Chanson Triste"
"The Cruise"
Personnel: Peter Muller (Bass, Percussion, Rhodes, Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Samples, Guitar), Frank Mead (Sax, Flute), Tim Cansfield (Guitar), Tobias Neumann (Keyboards), Christian Kappe (Trumpet), Ulle Rode (Guitar), Kristof Hinz (Drums), Tim Weller (Drums)
The Flow
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