Metropole Orchestra • John Scofield • Vince Mendoza: 54 (2010)

The collaboration heard on 54 had its origins back in the 90's when Vince Mendoza asked John Scofield to play on his first album. John has since been featured on two of Vince’s records and his guitar sound and improvisational skills work well within Vince’s concept. When Mendoza assumed directorship of The Metropole Orchestra, he and Scofield decided to collaborate again with a primary focus on Mendoza’s arrangements of Scofield compositions as performed with The Metropole Orchestra.
"Vince is one of the most creative arrangers today and his sensibilities are perfect for my compositions," says Scofield. ''in addition to Vince’s arrangements, 54 features another pair of Scofield tunes transformed by likeminded arrangers Jim McNeely and Florian Ross. Two classic Mendoza compositions are included to complete the repertoire. ''I love playing in this lush setting. This orchestra is unique to any other I know of in its ability to play with a natural jazz feeling," says Scofield. "It’s a thrill to hear my tunes expanded by the orchestral arrangements and Vince’s tunes are modern masterpieces that I truly enjoy interpreting. The other soloists in the Orchestra are excellent as well."
01. Carlos (John Scofield) [8:55]
02. Jung Parade (Vince Mendoza) [7:28]
03. Polo Towers (John Scofield) [6:49]
04. Honest I Do (John Scofield) [4:20]
05. Twang (John Scofield) [9:19]
06. Imaginary Time (John Scofield) [6:17]
07. Peculiar (John Scofield) [7:38]
08. Say We Did (Vince Mendoza) [8:22]
09. Out Of The City (John Scofield) [5:35]
John Scofield (guitar)
Vince Mendoza (conductor/arranger)
Metropole Orchestra
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