Ken Navarro: The Meeting Place (2007)

The 2007 release from this storied contemporary jazz guitarist and composer contains 11 new recordings including a stunning version of Pat Metheny's classic "Lakes". This is not an assemblage of numerous musicians and multiple producers working on a patchwork of songs. It's six seasoned and totally individualistic musicians who came in and played their hearts out and did it in the studio face-to-face. Jay Rowe (keyboards), Gary Grainger (bass), Andre "Blues" Webb (drums), Kevin Prince (percussion), and Rob Holmes (sax) play together with Navarro's guitar so seamlessly it just flows with tangible energy.
If too much processed music has left you desensitized it's like that first breath of fresh air after too much time in a stuffy room. There was a point in time when the music that was to become smooth jazz split into two separate streams, one thrived while the other almost dried up. Creating a Meeting Place where these streams intersect again was a brave and spirited thing to do. Taking it off the backburner and serving it up is a gift to the people who will hear it. A gift that will make it a little bit harder to settle for less.
01. Lucky
02. Did You Hear That?
03. I Wish I Knew
04. No Other Way
05. My Beautiful Girls
06. The Meeting Place
07. Lakes
08. Just Like That
09. Language Of Peace
10. That TIme Of Evening
11. The Challenge
Ken Navarro - guitar;
Jay Rowe - keyboards;
Gary Grainger - bass;
Andre "Blues" Webb - drums;
Kevin Prince - percussion;
Rob Holmes - saxophone
The Meeting Place
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