Ferus Mustafov: Jazz, Folk, Dance (2006)

Ferus Mustasfov was named “the Balkan king of swing” by the largest German newspaper “FAZ – Frankfurter Alegemaine Zeitung”. Here he tries his hand in classic jazz (yeah, believe it or not, there are couple of songs that could have been made by some of the best jazz musicians), but in most songs he doesn’t want to run away from the Balkan ethno sound that rains all over the CD, mixing jazz with folk and folk dance songs.
01. Ferus jazz
02. Dada Sali
03. Fantasy
04. Tehno gajda
05. Slager
06. Disco sax
07. Techno gemis
08. Stamena
09. Swing Pestrev
10. Kira Giorgina
11. Orient balada
12. Samba
13. FGZ
14. Oriental cocek
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