Bendik Hofseth: Metamorphoses (1995)

Norwegian saxophone player Bendik Hofseth first made a name for himself more than twenty years ago when he joined one of the super groups of jazz, the New York-based Steps Ahead. In the 90s he moved on to a diverse solo career that comprised pure pop albums as well as more conceptual outings, shifting between musical genres and expressions as well as language. In recent years he has first and foremost stood forth as a player of the game of culture politics. Because without the political support and regulation there can be no great art, thinks Hofseth, at least in our day when artistic livelihood has been rendered precarious by the digital revolution.
1. 15'th Chapter Ver.1 (3:38) [Bendik Hofseth]
2. Narcissus (:51) [Bendik Hofseth]
3. Pomona and Vertumnus (7:27) [Bendik Hofseth]
4. Ceyx Leaves Alcyone Alone (4:58) [Bendik Hofseth]
5. Storm (3:13) [Bendik Hofseth]
6. Echo (3:45) [Bendik Hofseth]
7. Narcissus and Echo (8:46) [Bendik Hofseth]
8. Hypnos (5:44) [Reidar Skar, Bendik Hofseth]
9. Ceyx and Alcyone To 2 Birds (4:42) [Bendik Hofseth]
10. Pomona and Vertumnus 2 (3:15) [Bendik Hofseth]
11. 15'th Chapter Ver.2 (2:19) [Bendik Hofseth]
Bendik Hofseth: saxphones
Mike Mainieri : vibraphone
Eivind Aarset : guitars
Anders Jormin : bass
Talvin Singh : tablas
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Paolo Vinaccia : percussion (on 4,7,8)
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