Anders Aarum Trio: First Communion (2006)

Thoughtful searching edgy lyrical second album on Jazzaway from the highly-regarded Norwegian pianist who chooses two new partners for this project: Ole Morten Vagan on bass and Andreas Bye on drums. The title First Communion partly indicates this brand new collaboration. All the music on the album was composed by Anders Aarum who is also the pianist with Jazzmob (3 albums on Jazzaway).
1. Peculiar Ways of Blending In
2. Partisan of Unhealthy Pleasures
3. Uncle Who?
4. Hymn for Granny
5. Why Be Scared of a Hat
6. First Communion
7. The Importance of Wearing a Uniform
8. Let's Put Fun Back in Fundamentalism
9. And Then She Left...
First Communion
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