Steve Lehman Octet: Travail. Transformation, and Flow (2009)

Travail, Transformation, and Flow is an important new recording from the Steve Lehman Octet that marks the first fully realized exploration of spectral harmony in the history of recorded jazz. In spectral music, instrumental overtones are blended together to create striking new harmonies, which Lehman has stonishingly adapted as a platform for jazz improvisation. The result is an all-encompassing musical universe that advances a singular conception of rhythm, harmony, and improvisational form.
1. Echoes - Steve Lehman Octet 4:28
2. Rudreshm - Steve Lehman Octet 4:51
3. As Things Change (I Remain the Same) - Steve Lehman Octet 3:51
4. Dub - Steve Lehman Octet 1:49
5. Alloy - Steve Lehman Octet 10:12
6. Waves - Steve Lehman Octet 5:38
7. No Neighborhood Rough Enough - Steve Lehman Octet 6:18
8. Living In the World Today (Gza Transcription) - Steve Lehman Octet 3:17
Travail, Transformation, and Flow
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