Salvatore Bonafede Trio: Sicilian Opening (2010)

A tight little combo from the Italian scene – one that features the piano of Salvatore Bonafede in the lead, working through a range of soulful and lyrical modes! Some numbers have a bold force that really grabs us nicely, but these are offset by some softer, more sound-sensitive tracks that show a distinct Bill Evans influence – but in a well-evolved way that's hardly a copycat of Bill, more a distillation of his essence, taken into some hip new territory. Bass is by Marco Panascia and drums are by Marcello Pellitteri – and the album's definitely got that "cut above" quality that you'll find on other Jazz Eyes titles. Cuts include "Ideal Standard", "Sicilian Opening", "It Plays From Far", "Blackbird", "Torre Ligny", "Lode Al Silenzo", and "Italian Igegno".
1. Sicilian Opening 4:21
2. La Grande Ilusion 4:39
3. Ideal Standard 6:06
4. Bbbb 3:37
5. Wwww 4:46
6. Blackbird 4:43
7. It Plays From Far 4:26
8. Appunti Su Palermo 5:29
9. Italian Ingegno 4:38
10. Lode Al Silenzio 3:48
11. She's Leaving Home 5:05
12. Torre Ligny 4:04
Salvatore Bonafede — Piano
Marco Panascia — Bass
Marcello Pellitteri — Drums
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