John Coltrane: Coltrane Jazz (1960)

This record is overshadowed by the one preceding it, namely the technically superb Giant Steps which blew up Bebop from inside out, and the one that came after it, the nice but tame sounding My Favourite Things with the commercial hit of the same name. But it is more experimental than the accomplished complex Giant Steps, and though the blowing there had a razorsharp edge, here the playing of Coltrane is richer, even if it has sometimes an unsure feel to it and doesn't hit as hard and fast, due probably to the unknown territory he was beginnning to explore once more. Strange harmonical effects are tried out and melodically a more exotic and diverse atmosphere is reached. Coltrane Jazz also has something wild about it that Favourite things lacks. More than once you'll find yourself exclaiming this is crazy. And beautifull... It is the first sign of the great things to come in the Impulse period.
01. Little Old Lady
02. Village Blues
03. My Shining Hour
04. Fifth House
05. Harmonique
06. Like Sonny
07. I ll Wait And Pray
08. Some Other Blues
09. Like Sonny (alternate take)
10. I ll Wait And Pray (alternate take)
11. Like Sonny (alternate take)
12. Village Blues (alternate take)
Coltrane Jazz
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