Espen Eriksen Trio: You Had Me at Goodbye (2010)

This tasteful, ambient-friendly Norwegian piano trio offers an accessible, slightly poppy update on the examples of Tord Gustavsen and EST.
It's a familiar-enough method: strong melodies and sensitive playing favouring ensemble depth and textural detail rather than "Look at me, ma!" solos, although it's clear that all three have chops. Like Gustavsen, the governing mood is rather melancholy with a slightly funky edge. As the eight original Eriksen tunes total no more than 37 minutes, you're left wanting more rather than less.
Espen Eriksen - piano
Lars Tormod Jenset - double bass
Andreas Bye - drums
1. Anthem (4:41)
2. Grinde (5:04)
3. In The Woods (4:40)
4. Masaka Tsara (4:54)
5. Not Even In Brazil (4:25)
6. Intermezzo (3:25)
7. On The Jar (5:02:)
8. To Whom It May Concern (5:20)
You Had Me At Goodbye
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