Bill Evans Trio: Live in Buenos Aires (1979)

This 2CD set features the brilliant pianist Bill Evans with bassist Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera on drums live in concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 27, 1979.
A great deal of music by this trio has been released and I am not familiar with most of it, but the music on this CD is so good that I doubt there are many recordings of this group that are significantly better. If you like the 2 volumes of the Paris Concert you will like this. In fact I think it is a bit superior to those recordings. But for one item: on some tracks there is an audible 60 hertz hum on one channel. This is annoying when listening through headphones with good bass response, but almost unnoticeable through average speakers. If you have a subwoofer and like to crank it up, this hum (not always present) probably will bother you.
1. Stella By Starlight
2. Laurie
3. Theme From MASH
4. Turn Out The Stars
5. I Do It For Your Love
6. My Romance
7. Letter To Evan
1. I Loves You Porgy
2. Up With The Lark
3. Minha
4. Someday My Prince Will Come
5. If You Could See Me Now
6. Nardis