Like Rose's We Blossom And Die

a cheeky wee disco sketch from my sketch book.

It has been agiss since i have blogged on here, once again the only excuse i can say is that i have been working alot and enjoying life to inspire my work. i have been traveling all over the place again. Essex, London, Kent, Sheringham and a few more places this month.

i have been painting and drawing all over the place with my sketchbook ive neglected soo long poor thing. Been sorting out the studio, will have more pictures of that in a later blog since i currently dont own a camera or a scanner anymore. but shall be buying one next month with my wages. woop woop so for now been taking pictures with my iphone camera, for those who own one know there not the greatest quality pictures. But anyways here are some pictures from the sketchbook to what im currently working on. 

I'am exhibiting my work at The Brick Lane Gallery next month amongst other artists, on the 24th August-6th September so got two whole weeks to see my work and if you come on the opening night we can have a cheeky wee chat with a beverage or nibbles.  i will be exhibiting 3 images, 1 very large canvas 'You Never Noticed I Was Sick', 2nd a ink painting in responce to when i got chicken pox and swine flu at the same time 7 months ago 'A Meeting Of Sensibility'. The 3rd a pencil drawing about the fear of death 'Like Rose's We Blossom And Die', some of the characters sketches as seen above. i will post a few more post on here before that time since iam drawing like mad at the moment preparing myself for this event and another exhibition i will be exhibiting in Kent October time.

I went to my parents house in London and found so many canvas's in my old room so thought, lets get them paints involved with those canvas's.  Here are 3 out of 5 canvas's in responce to the oil spillage on the gulf of mexico that have ruined the earth and nature. The other 2 canvas's i've yet to paint will be alot bigger the 3 below and shall be the linking point in the wee series.  

ps, im hopefully moving to Brighton next month.

I shall leave you with one of my favourate peices. i will never be able to paint like this but can only dream. speak soon, hope you enjoy and keep following my cheeky wee blog.