Angelina's hockey tour in Paris.

We headed forth to Paris via Eurostar St. Pancreas.... with our sticks

As always i found time to draw even if i wasent paper or a sketchbook. do love to be so improper when doing anything, =/ as always i stood out like a sore thumb when we went to this posh french tea house.

we pull faces than got caught by the table next door whom gave us odd looks till we left, haha

i took my snakebite piecings out and died my hair down after like 6 years, to try look more normal.

walked and walked loads and loads with my companions MOCHA and the rest of the team, see if you can spot him my hand buddy. i found some fine looking bins too and such great weather we had too i basically baked.

i love the art nouveau themed stations all over paris i was fascinated my favorite movement was about to brings smiles to my cheeky face with mocha off course.

rubbertoeing paris was all good but hockey was the main reason we where there, play the french and the dutch too who were there waiting to test our stick-work out. game on

had enough time after the game to take a few more pics.. 

Goodbye paris, i scored 5 goals and wooped all your foreign asses. i was excited to go home and start drawing with happiness in my tummy. 

love rubbertoes