engine overhaul

The 5speed SS50 engine that was under the motorcycle was leaking some oil from the cylinder base and behind the generator cover, so it needed to be taken apart, even though it has only done about 500km.
The problem at the cylinder base turned out to be a cylinder that wasn't flat, so it was turned on the lathe to get a flat surface for the gasket to sit against.
I thought it would also have a leaky cranckshaft oil-seal, but it was dry in the center of the generator. Next guess was the O-ring around the stator plate, when I took it off the plate, it was so dried out, that it broke instead of stretching.
So hardened it doesn't even lose its shape when broken:

when the head was off, I took some pictures of it, next to my "old-school tuned engine" this has an older type head with even bigger fins:

and more importantly, nicer ports:

Both are cylinderheads from the 5speed models, with extra and bigger fins then the 3 and 4speed models, but even then there are differences.

The other head has since been flowed to look more like the "old-school" one


Tuesday I took the moped to work, but when driving home, it began to vibrate at high revs and it made some funny noises. 5KM later I was at the workshop, had a quick look if the flywheel nut might have come loose, but it didn't, so I thought it should be a clutch problem. After all these years of abuse, I finaly managed to break the engine.

Today I started disassembly by taking of the exhaust to have a look at the clutch, but to my surprise, it turned out to be as simple as a broken motormount bolt.

I had a new bolt, put it in, put the exhaust back on, started the bike, and the vibrations were gone, engine still in working order, dispite years of abuse.
This motor has almost no compression, you can hear the piston ratteling in the cylinderwall, it never gets new oil, at best the old stuff out of a race-engine, it gets overrevved, overheated with burnouts..... but I still can't get it to really break. Real Honda quality, no chinese parts.

Jet problems

The SS50 motorcycle engine is now pretty much run in, but the carb settings are a litlle of. So I thought I would try a different main jet but to my surprise the keihin SS50A carb is so old that it doesn't have the standardized jets still used today. Now available are jets with 4mm and 5mm treads, as far as I know M4 and M5, but mine has a coarser thread M5x1 ???
In any case it has the same threads as the jets used in the CB72 PW22hov carbs I have, the powerjet type.

some measurements:
5mm threads

6mm head

8mm long

and a view of the coarse threads

If anyone knows where to get these old jets, please let me know, I need something like a 75 or 78

BMW test

I've been riding my R90/6 for a little while now, and I am starting to get used to it, but at first I thought it was a real heavy beast that didn't want to go round corners. Making it into a caferacer would then only make that worse, with narrow clip-on bars and such.

When I was young (about 15 years ago?) my dad built a BMW caferacer together with Jan Hoogstraten who stil ownes the bike. We asked him if we could borrow it for me to experience what a BMW caferacer would feel like. Here it is next to my R90/6

I've only ridden it for a few kilometers now, but it isn't disappointing, I want to ride it some more, to get a good feel of the bike, but I think I'll keep my R90/6 to turn it into the JBT-interceptor styled caferacer I had planned.

The M10s on the back is the name of the bike, being compiled of the enginetype; R90s and my dad's name; Martien ("tien" means "10" in dutch)
Note the single sided paralever swingarm from a later type.

Angelina's hockey tour in Paris.

We headed forth to Paris via Eurostar St. Pancreas.... with our sticks

As always i found time to draw even if i wasent paper or a sketchbook. do love to be so improper when doing anything, =/ as always i stood out like a sore thumb when we went to this posh french tea house.

we pull faces than got caught by the table next door whom gave us odd looks till we left, haha

i took my snakebite piecings out and died my hair down after like 6 years, to try look more normal.

walked and walked loads and loads with my companions MOCHA and the rest of the team, see if you can spot him my hand buddy. i found some fine looking bins too and such great weather we had too i basically baked.

i love the art nouveau themed stations all over paris i was fascinated my favorite movement was about to brings smiles to my cheeky face with mocha off course.

rubbertoeing paris was all good but hockey was the main reason we where there, play the french and the dutch too who were there waiting to test our stick-work out. game on

had enough time after the game to take a few more pics.. 

Goodbye paris, i scored 5 goals and wooped all your foreign asses. i was excited to go home and start drawing with happiness in my tummy. 

love rubbertoes

The fences that you cannot climb, there's no time to analyse, she said...

A poo photo for this untitled image so far, got alot of work needed and will be all done in pen, coloured for a 2 colour tshirt/ bag design ready to sell at the brick lane gallery when i exhibit in 4 months time. this drawing is about the past few months i have been living and will have a blurb to go with it when i post the finish image soon. keep looking out sugerpuffs.
On the second day working on this image, after picking a selected few from the mad book of sketches i have been doing in my spare time of my busy life. Working in a bar flipping all sorts of cocktails and busting restaurant tables to paying back the debt i have accumulated being at university. i miss it all but guess this is the real world where we have to work, eat, sleep, pay bills, worry, work more and fit in your passions in too. slowly been drawing and moved once again down the road for the 2nd time in 3 months. mad times my life has been in the air for too long working in different places, central london and kent bars. maybe il settle down soon and get ready for exhibiting in 4 months time so best start painting and get my ideas i have been drawing out onto paper and ink.

A self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibility, you roll in reams across the screen, in algebra

For the first time in agiss, i question myself...
Am I Scared Or Worried

On my hour lunch break of a 12 hour split shifts at work, i draw over lunch and think where my life is going.

something i am working on, someone i have never met eating cheesy chips. be excited =]

This is my room and chucked the bed out to become my new studio.  going to create a massive mess on this lovely canvas i bought the other day. finally got enough money to afford a canvas and more than £7 to live on each week. 

My new work space, cant quite afford to make a new desk yet so drawing on top of boxes and on the floor for now. fun times rubbertoes. 

playing some ultimate rubbertoe beats...

i look forward to exhibiting again and showing where i have been since i have graduated, moving from rubbish jobs to another, moving out from my parents in london, chicken pox and swine flu leaving my body and face scared. Changing my lifestyle and seeing the arts in a whole different context. Most of all growing up and seeing the world with the misses =]. i may be poor but i feel complete.

i will one day have the ability to paint my dreams.

Until next time i will make time to update my blog alot more often and for you to see how my world evolves. till than sugerpuffs....

Rubbertoes ....