I wish I could fly, But instead i have paint all over my hands..

Sniff sniff and Mr Beale, rubbertoeing the Leak street walls

It was so cold, our hands, our faces even my rubber toes could'nt handle it. With our paints and tins for the 1st time to see what we could make of it. Simon cold more than anything...

we found a spot to make our mess

we began our dance.

My hands went numb....

He finished first =o

still working on mine with my wee brushes eeee

i finished 2nd

after we went to china town and than hit a few book shops. 

I Wish, I Could Fly.
 But instead i have paint all over my hands..

Rubbertoes x.

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rubbertoeing the facebook...

My Failing Body Fig.1

Hey hey everyone its been a cheeky wee while since i have been on here,
been really busy moving back to kent from london and sorting a few things out 
before i can even think about art, now im slowly fixing things and made time to start updating my
wee blog and keep you all updated on that front.

so yes i have been painting, but not as much as i wanted to have but will more in 
future now. getting my tshirt designs sorted out atm taking a wee break from the painting
to have a think and contemplate with what i have produced =]

my recent painting "my failing body fig, 1" is one out of three long painting iam currently working on this title but now working on some pen/ ink images on paper so always nice taking on a different media.

Picture of the sketches under this title, the other images will commence real soon not to worry 

here are some pictures from my old and new room along with how this wee series are coming along

wee canvas's in action
My Failing Body Fig. 1/2/3/4 (in progress)

the misses in my new room doing uni work. 

Im hoping to be exhibiting my massive canvas painting "You Never Noticed, I Was Sick" in london in the next month but more of that on a later note. but not to worrie i will let you all know about that. =D

For now i will start working on the tshirt designs and update this at the end of the week to see where iam with it all, until than....