You Never Noticed, I Was Sick, 1 out of 50

after 5 days of painting and forgetting to eat some days got carried painting its done.
spent today clearing up my brushes and sorting my desk out to start painting the rest of the series.
next media up is inks so excited and less mess.

here are some detail shots...

The original sketch in my journal

i tided my desk since my last post on here, how tidy is that, all ready to get messy with the next few images ill be painting in ink.

Meet my dearest friend Thomas, i made him and never noticed he had 3 legs...

Myself with my cheeky wee painting.

hope you enjoy and shall keep you posted on upcoming images and etc for 'you never noticed i was sick'. After all that painting im on a potato adventure and will be seeking Irn Bru to drink.

All the best...
Rubbertoes x