exhibiting @ NEW BLOOD, NEW DESIGNERS and abit on my life front

things have been pretty busy due to numinous of events and mi lady. =] New Blood was pretty impressive getting involved with other artist exhibiting in such a major event for us graduates. amy and her family came along too which topped it up.

New Designers was pretty mad too despite our section being in some small part of its labryinth layout. didnt feel i fitted in most the people on the open night dressed really smart for the occasion. been drawing as always when i get a chance wether it was on the train, bus or on the sofa with Amy. drawing out storyboards and frames towards my new project 'last flower' a story based on a song that i adore by radiohead. One to listen to when you lot get a chance. il upload some pictures on here soon.
went to bournmouthe the other week, really was fun and looked a shops down brick lane. =]
shall update this once i get all of amys art things together. hope she feels happy soon =[