My Wee Journal Again.

update on the journal i thought it was about time.
had a really hectic time the past 2 months.
 need to start painting these final pieces 
will start them this monday, painting two weeks straight
so embracing myself for this moment in time.

Glasgow moments 

times where i had time to wip out a few wee cheeky sketches.
working on some of these for a series to be framed in the summer.
all will be confirmed in duel time.

(click on images to view at a larger scale)

Haggis Awaits.

The Darkest Dreamer

Dark Dreams.

Fingered Makeup

To run, to walk and to fly

The rest of my life waiting

(click on images to view at a larger scale)

Abit of story-boarding

The goods ...

The bird's and there hair

rubbertoe ...