You Never Noticed, I Was Sick, 1 out of 50

after 5 days of painting and forgetting to eat some days got carried painting its done.
spent today clearing up my brushes and sorting my desk out to start painting the rest of the series.
next media up is inks so excited and less mess.

here are some detail shots...

The original sketch in my journal

i tided my desk since my last post on here, how tidy is that, all ready to get messy with the next few images ill be painting in ink.

Meet my dearest friend Thomas, i made him and never noticed he had 3 legs...

Myself with my cheeky wee painting.

hope you enjoy and shall keep you posted on upcoming images and etc for 'you never noticed i was sick'. After all that painting im on a potato adventure and will be seeking Irn Bru to drink.

All the best...
Rubbertoes x

Updated a few things on my website

My desk at its current statues as you can see its pretty hectic and full of paintings due to painting a few things and drawing a bunch of fresh material. Shall be selling them in the new year to afford to print my work onto t-shirts and other cheeky wee surprises.

Updated my website a wee bit so have a wonder =]

A huge painting i am currently working on, its going to be pretty mental the colours on this and look forward to finishing it. took a few pictures of day one working on it.

until next time sneaky raccoons =]

My deerest mi lady.

After looking at the painting i did for her for the past 6 months on her bedroom wall, i remembered i never did manage to scan it in for my new portfolio when i redo my whole website in the next few i scanned it today on an A3 scanner finally.Need to start painting still, exciting times. got work tonight, wished i was staying in so i could work on a massive canvas.will post the developement on here too in the next few days.


You Never Noticed, I'am Sick preview

Thought id show one of the small images out of many for series 'you never noticed, i am sick' im currently working on along with a bunch of other projects to keep myself busy and optimistic with my various styles/ media's ill be using. exciting times


today's a nice day for drawing in town, see if we get any interesting characters while im there waiting for the misses to finish work.
all the best rubbertoes

Its been a wee while my dearest...

Indeed it has been a wee while since i posted any updates on how my life is progressing since all the exhibitions, graduating and moving back to London. Took a break from all the art for a couple of months and just worked ALOT but im back now and have been doodling and painting a few things. I shall be updating this on a regular basis now due to my new style of life and working alot less.
on the days i had off work and on my travels recently i kept drawing and this is what  i have been keeping secrete in my sketchbook the past month.

Drawing from night buses home from work, train journeys, london underground.

Another part of my daily life.

character for a book my working on based in china town...

i really need to start painting and shall be working throughout the xmas period on new matieral. new website and everything for the new year =]

from these sketches ill create a wee series, keep checking everyone.
All the best, Rubbertoes

exhibiting @ NEW BLOOD, NEW DESIGNERS and abit on my life front

things have been pretty busy due to numinous of events and mi lady. =] New Blood was pretty impressive getting involved with other artist exhibiting in such a major event for us graduates. amy and her family came along too which topped it up.

New Designers was pretty mad too despite our section being in some small part of its labryinth layout. didnt feel i fitted in most the people on the open night dressed really smart for the occasion. been drawing as always when i get a chance wether it was on the train, bus or on the sofa with Amy. drawing out storyboards and frames towards my new project 'last flower' a story based on a song that i adore by radiohead. One to listen to when you lot get a chance. il upload some pictures on here soon.
went to bournmouthe the other week, really was fun and looked a shops down brick lane. =]
shall update this once i get all of amys art things together. hope she feels happy soon =[


Hey everyone, just to let you all know my website online.
lots of treats on there and new images. My online shop will open soon too.

You can view most the images from my book
'The Wasting Game' on my website too.

The Wasting Game pages 2

'The Wasting Game' book

For my major degree project i chose this poem about a girl going through anorexia written by (her father) poet Philip Gross'
'The Wasting Game'

The Wasting Game desk

i have added some of the pages from the book;

The Wasting Game Front Cover

The Wasting Game pages 2

The Wasting Game pages 3

The Wasting Game pages 4

The Wasting Game pages 5

The Wasting Game pages 6
The Wasting Game pages 10

The Wasting Game pages 12

The Wasting Game pages 13

The Wasting Game pages 14

The Wasting Game pages 15

The Wasting Game pages 16

The Wasting Game pages 18

The Wasting Game pages 19

The Wasting Game pages 21

Also showing at 'new designers' july in london (islington), want to know more on any of the subject matter,
contact me via my personal email. ope you enjoy what you see and
please comment your thoughts.any feedback would be great thanks once again.

I was so happy to come back

Home to my Sqishee

After being on my feet with my sketchbook and camera all over the place,venice,glasgow ,london transport,trains, coaches, plans,kent, maidstone.




i missed everything about her